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Hi, I am Lester Mortier, inventor of the Green Hinge as well as President of Green Hinge of America LLC, the patent license holder for this product. (US PATENT PENDING).


I would like to share with you how this product came about from the inception of the idea and share in detail with you the triggering events that catalyzed me to develop this product. I will also share with you what I think it will do for you; although, that will be obvious once you have read my story.


Let me get started with my story, I also own Lester’s Tire and Auto in Lena, Wisconsin for the past 16 years. This is a locally owned and operated service and repair center for automobiles. A significant portion of my business is the sale of new tires caused by issues with my customer’s current tires, mainly leaks. For those of you who have been in a tire shop and seen what takes place during the search for a leak in a tire, you have seen that a soapy substance, referred to in the industry as “leak detector”', is utilized. This is a small squirt bottle where you actually spray the soapy solution around the tire to find the leak. All tire shops use this and practice the same process or a very similar process. For those who haven’t seen this, I am sure by now you too can visualize what I am explaining. Let me continue the story for all of you.



Well, my shop has two overhead doors in it, like most two bay shops do, and situated between those two overhead doors is my tire machine and, of course, this bottle of “leak detector” along with rim sealant and a host of other items I use in my business. Well, I noticed in the winter my “leak detector” would freeze up on me and I would have snow in my tire sealant bucket, so I investigated what was causing this. What I found is my door to jam, not seating properly on my overhead doors, and also my weather stripping was not combating the problem because it thermo cycled and became more rigid in the winter and allowed a gap. I tried and tried to adjust my door tracks in order to bring the door tighter to the jam; I tried to adjust my weather stripping and even called multiple overhead door companies to help me resolve the problem, because by now I realized I in turn was also losing a lot of heat.


Losing heat costs us all money, not to mention it is not good for the environment to consume more than is necessary. After searching for a remedy to the situation and now wanting to stop the loss of my heating; I was quite charged up about what was happening, so I began looking at overhead doors everywhere and I noticed while very few appeared to be tight, most had the same exact issue I was experiencing. My being conscientious about the environment and my heating costs, caused me to think and rethink about this issue all day long until I decided to do something about it. This was the inception of my idea and the catalyst for the development of the Green Hinge. I will spare you the details of the total product life cycle through its evolutionary phases and just share with you that ultimately I landed on a spring loaded hinge that was able to solve my issue.



I designed two sets and installed them on my doors and guess what……..? No more snow, no more “leak detector” freezing; furthermore, I could turn my heat off in the evening (during non-working hours) and still no freezing of my “leak detector”. In the past, I had to heat the space whether or not I was occupying it just to stop this from happening and ensure nothing else would freeze up. Well, I solved my problem and I was happy as no one else that I contacted could, instead I was told, “well that is the way it is”, “there is only so much adjustment you can do”, “the frame warps over time and comes out of line”, “well the frame adjusts from winter to summer”, “the framers did not use perfectly straight lumber”, and so on an so forth, you get the picture, all excuses pointing me out the reality I already realized and no solution for my issue.


I was happy to have solved my own problem and quite proud of it. I always believed in taking challenges head on even when others give up, I believed in going on until the challenge is solved. I guess this is part of my upbringing and those are the values my father instilled in me, probably why I am an individual entrepreneur with my own business, even prior to the Green Hinge.



Finally, the rest of the story for those of you still interested. I also noticed that while I solved my problem, I really solved it well, in that I could now turn my heat off when I was not occupying the space and still no freezing of my “leak detector”. This really excited me, because now I was saving energy, which means money, and I was also being good to the environment through using the energy I did consume in an effective and efficient fashion. It is this realization that dawned on me, what about all those other doors in the world with the same problem. I’ll bet they also would like a solution for their issue for those who know about it and even those who do not, I bet once they did, they would want to be good to the environment and curb their bills associated with heating or cooling the space these overhead doors operate in. I continued thinking and then I thought about other applications for my solution in that it self adjusts and closes the gap, what other solutions does this present.



For starters, it would potentially stop dust, dirt, rodents, spiders, bats, and anything else using the gap as an entry or exit point into or out of a building. This is when I decided to patent my idea and make it available to the broader market; because of the solution it provides to everyone, businesses, home owners, and private consumers alike, the need for this product is endless. I hope you enjoyed my story and will visit the homepage to learn more about this product; I would also like to here from you on how my product solved your problem. Please do not hesitate to use the “contact us” portion of our website to share your story with me. I promise to publish on the website those testimonials that I can.


PS: Because I believe in quality, I invented my product with the best of materials and improved upon the gauge thickness of my hinge over the standard available replacement hinges. I even zinc coated them to ensure a long lasting and great looking product, something you too can be proud of when you have yours installed (I suggest using a professional). Further, I emulated life-cycle testing to ensure the Green Hinge would withstand the cycles they could be subject to and found in our testing (although yours could be different) that we are still cycling well past 400,000 cycles with no issues to the product or the performance. Finally, this product is entirely manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.




Lester Mortier


Button up that garage door
I heat my garage shop full time, and when I'm outside on dark winter nights, I can see a lot of light between the weather stripping and the overhead door. Light = lost heat = untold dollars' worth of BTUs pouring outside. The problem is that there's so much space between the rollers and the track that the door doesn't stay tight against the weather stripping.
I just invested in the Green Hinge System to solve the problem. The design is simple but brilliant. Each replacement Green Hinge has a built-in spring that pushes the door against the weather stripping for a much better seal. The hinges also quiet the door because the rollers don't rattle around in the track. It's a well-made product and I fully expect it to cut my heating costs this winter.
A set of six hinges costs about $85. Go to greenhingeofamerica.com to look them over and choose the right ones for your door size.

Travis Larson, Senior Editor
The Family Handyman magazine Sept. 2015 issue

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