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The Best Overhead Door Sealing System in the Industry!
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Afterall you are losing heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer costing you money on heating and cooling costs!

The GREEN HINGE System is a unique patent-pending spring-loaded hinge that allows automatic adjustment of your door, providing a close tight seal of your door to your building eliminating that air gap and saving you money.

Your overhead doors contribute to the largest loss of energy in your building!

A 1/8 gap on a 8' door equals a 6 x 4 hole in your wall
A 1/4 gap on a 14' door equals a 9 x 6 hole in your wall
Install ONCE, Enjoy Life-Long SAVINGS!
Weatherstripping deteriorates with age and weather, and has little to no R-Value. You will spend money replacing your weatherstripping again and again but The GREEN HINGE System works virtually forever and will pay for itself quickly.

Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel hinges are easy to install and fits most existing residential and commercial doors.

Why The GREEN HINGE System Outperforms Other Systems
Each door panel can be automatically adjusted to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls.
Most importantly doors only have ONE TRUE SEALING SURFACE the outer panel edge where it contacts the wall. Most door panels are corrugated and allow air gaps in the traditional seals.

Button up that garage door
I heat my garage shop full time, and when I'm outside on dark winter nights, I can see a lot of light between the weather stripping and the overhead door. Light = lost heat = untold dollars' worth of BTUs pouring outside. The problem is that there's so much space between the rollers and the track that the door doesn't stay tight against the weather stripping.
I just invested in the Green Hinge System to solve the problem. The design is simple but brilliant. Each replacement Green Hinge has a built-in spring that pushes the door against the weather stripping for a much better seal. The hinges also quiet the door because the rollers don't rattle around in the track. It's a well-made product and I fully expect it to cut my heating costs this winter.
A set of six hinges costs about $85. Go to to look them over and choose the right ones for your door size.

Travis Larson, Senior Editor
The Family Handyman magazine Sept. 2015 issue

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